Reveal the #1 dish that can make Gordon Ramsay's taste buds surrender in pure delight

From the vibrant and sun-soaked beaches of northern Peru to the cheerful streets down south…

Ceviche, our pride and joy, is an identity embraced by every Peruvian. Even with a thousand and one ways to prepare it, the feeling when savoring this delicacy remains unaltered…

Come along with us as we dive into the captivating history of this dish that’s won the hearts of millions worldwide.

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Embark on a Gastronomic Adventure

G’day and welcome to a culinary expedition like no other, where the freshness of the ocean meets the mastery of Peruvian cuisine. Situated in the vibrant heart of Sydney (Pyrmont), we invite you to unlock the secrets of Peruvian Ceviche—a dish that transcends the ordinary and transforms into a unique, award-winning gastronomic experience.
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Roots of Flavor

Peruvian Ceviche has deep roots in ancient Peruvian civilization, well before the arrival of the Spanish. Picture pre-Inca fishermen using acidic fruit juices to marinate fresh catch, crafting the primitive form of what we now know as ceviche. Over time, this technique evolved across the whole country, incorporating new ingredients and preparation methods.

The Secret of Freshness​

Our exceptional ceviche delivers an unforgettable culinary experience through a commitment to freshness. Meticulously chosen white fish, Peruvian lemons, red onions, yellow chili, and fresh cilantro create a vibrant fusion of flavors.

Celebrating Excellence: Awards and Accolades​

Beyond being a culinary delight, Peruvian Ceviche has earned its stripes on the global stage, garnering prestigious awards over the years. Its extraordinary blend of flavors and culinary innovation has not only delighted palates but has also been recognized by culinary experts and institutions worldwide. At Moche Restaurant, we take pride in presenting you with an award-winning dish that stands as a testament to Peruvian culinary excellence.

The Magic Touch in its Preparation

Crafting ceviche is an art form—a culinary dance that demands skill and experience. The delicate technique of “cooking” the fish with lemon juice, known as “Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk,” is a testament to the meticulous process that not only enhances the fish’s natural flavor but also mirrors the intimate connection of Peruvian cuisine with its local ingredients. Each bite becomes a fresh and tangy masterpiece, transporting you to the very essence of the Peruvian coast.

The Charm of the Unknown​

Embark on a culinary adventure at Moche Restaurant in Sydney, Pyrmont. Explore the uncharted flavors of Peruvian Ceviche, from north to south, including enticing vegan options. Experience a mouth-watering fiesta celebrating the best of Peruvian cuisine.

Top Chefs share their Love for Ceviche

Gaston Acurio Peruvian Chef
“Ceviche is the perfect combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. It’s like a party in your mouth!”
Jose Andres Spanish-American Chef
“Ceviche is a refreshing and vibrant dish that showcases the purity and quality of the ingredients. It’s one of my favorite dishes to make and eat.”
Virgilio Martinez Peruvian Chef
“Ceviche is a quintessential Peruvian dish that has taken the world by storm. It’s a perfect representation of Peruvian cuisine, which is all about bold flavors and fresh ingredients.”
Nobu Matsuhisa Japanese Chef
“Ceviche is a dish that is so simple yet so complex. It’s all about finding the perfect balance of acidity, heat, and saltiness, and it requires the best quality ingredients to truly shine.”

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